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ExCeL London is 100% committed to tackling the challenges of sustainable development and operating as a responsible corporate entity. It is our policy to continuously evolve and implement practices that deliver economic security, social and environmental benefits.


As one of the UK’s leading international exhibition and convention centres, we host a diverse range of events with organisers and visitors from across the globe. We take every event to heart — we also take the environment, our local community, and our corporate responsibilities to heart.

Since hosting seven Olympic and six Paralympic events in 2012, we are conscious of leaving a lasting legacy for the local community as the leading events venue in Europe. We bring long term economic benefit and aim to enhance London’s reputation as a centre of excellence for events.

We are committed to being thought leaders in our market and to provide world-class facilities and services that are in accordance with our own health and safety policies, our sustainability policies, and ExCeL London’s mission statement and core values.

We are committed to tackling the challenges of sustainable development and operating as a responsible corporate business. We aim to implement practices that promote economic security, social and environmental responsibility and will continuously seek to improve performance in these areas. We work with our suppliers and customers to improve sustainability performance throughout all of our activities.

We carry out a number of activities across the business that meet our sustainability promises. We define this as our "Legacy":

We maintain and operate our sustainability management systems to comply with both ISO20121 and ISO14001. This is managed by an internal sustainability committee which consists of employees across departments and is overseen by an Executive Director.

We are a part of the United Nations Global Compact scheme and provide an annual communication on progress — the latest of which you can download below or view online. This scheme is supported by both our Executive Team and our owners ADNEC. We also reinforce our commitment to responsible working practices through our modern slavery statement.

We run an extensive CSR programme designed to support our local community, Newham. The majority of our CSR budget for 2019 is being used to fund two initiatives with local charities: Newham All Stars Sports Academy (NASSA) and Community Food Enterprise (CFE).

Read more about ExCeL's Legacy programme below.

We aim to conduct our business honestly and in good faith, free from fraud or deception. At time of publication, ExCeL has not been involved any any legal cases, rulings, or other events related to corruption and/or bribery.

We strive to ensure that our people act with honesty, integrity, and professionalism. To support these underlying ethical values, we encourage our employees to raise genuine issues of malpractice or impropriety at work. We have a comprehensive whistleblowing policy in place, as well as a whistleblowing hotline which we launched in May 2015. This hotline is managed by an external company who forwards concerns raised to an internal audit manager.

This whistleblowing hotline is global, enabling our visitors, suppliers, and partners to raise their concerns around the world. At the time of publication, we have received zero calls. More information about this service can be found here.

Download our sustainability documents

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